14 - Paint, Varnish, Lacquer & Decorating Supplies

ImageNamePriceBulk DiscountBuy
151 Coatings Hi-Vis Warning Paint 180ml Yellow£2.99
3-Layer Disposable Protective Face Mask (Surgical Mask) - 1 piece (No VAT)£0.50
Bartoline Ready to use All Purpose Filler 600g Tub£4.99
Bartoline White Spirit 2L£7.49
Bartoline White Spirit 750ml£2.99
Bird Brand Methylated Spirits 500ml£2.99
Blackfriar 1L Super Yacht Varnish£24.99
Caulking Gun - 300ml£5.99
Double Arm Roller Frame 300mm£5.99
Everbuild 125 Decorators One Hours Caulk£2.99
Expert 6-in-1 Scraper 75mm£4.99
Floor Scraper 180mm£13.99
Floor Scraper 200mm Wide / 1350mm Handle£16.99
Floor Scraper Blade 200mm£1.99
Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinner 250ml£8.99
Hotspot Stove Glass Cleaner - 320ml£8.99
Humbrol Enamel Paint 14ml - Black (Gloss No 21)£2.99
Humbrol Enamel Paint 14ml - Blue (Gloss No 15)£2.99
Humbrol Enamel Paint 14ml - White (Matt No 34)£2.99
No Loss Paint Brush Set 5 Piece£7.99
Paint Tray 300mm£9.99
Plastic Paint Kettle - 600ml£2.49
Plastic Paint Kettle with Lid 1.5 Litre£1.99
Point Sash Brush (Oil based Coating)£2.99
Poly Twill Dust Sheet (3.6 x 2.7m (12' x 9') Approx)£14.99
Red Oxide Metal Primer - 500ml£9.99
Roller Frame Heavy Duty 230mm£4.99
Roller Sleeve (Short Pile) 230mm£1.99
Roller Sleeve (Short Pile) 300mm£1.99
Rotating Caulking Gun - 300ml£8.99
Rotating Caulking Gun 400ml£9.99
Rustins Blackboard Paint Black Matt (Quick Dry) 125ml£4.99
Rustins Metal Lacquer 125ml£4.99
Rustins Quick Dry Outdoor Clear Varnish Satin 250ml£7.99
Rustoleum Spray Paint Chalkboard Paint Black Matt 400ml£8.99
Scissors 2pk 140mm£2.49
Sealant and Caulk Remover and Smoother Set 2pce£3.49
Spray Paint Clear Lacquer 500ml£9.99
Steel Wool - Assorted 3 x 30g (Fine, Medium and Coarse)£2.99
Steel Wool - Coarse 240g£4.99
Steel Wool - Fine 240g£4.99
Steel Wool - Medium 240g£4.99
Stove Paint 200ml Matt Finish£11.99
Stove Paint 250ml Matt Finish£8.99
Stove Paint 450ml Matt Finish£11.99
Swivel Paint Pot Hook - 180mm£2.99
Vinyl Gloves (Clear Powder Free) - Size Large (Box of 100)£6.99
Vinyl Gloves (Powder Free) - Size Extra Large (Box of 100)£6.99
Wet & Dry 80 Grit (230 x 280mm)£0.84
Wet & Dry 120 Grit (230 x 280mm)£0.84
Wet & Dry 180 Grit (230 x 280mm)£0.84
Wet & Dry 240 Grit (230 x 280mm)£0.84
Wet & Dry 320 Grit (230 x 280mm)£0.84
Wet & Dry 400 Grit (230 x 280mm)£0.84
Wet & Dry 600 Grit (230 x 280mm)£0.84
Wet & Dry 1200 Grit (230 x 280mm)£0.84
Wet & Dry Sheets 240 Grit - 10 Pack£4.99
Premium Paint Brush - 100mm (4")£9.99
Premium Paint Brush - 12mm (1/2")£0.99
Premium Paint Brush - 19mm (3/4")£1.99
Premium Paint Brush - 25mm (1")£2.49
3-in-1 Scissors 210mm£3.49
Premium Paint Brush - 40mm (1 1/2")£2.99
Premium Paint Brush - 50mm (2")£3.99
Premium Paint Brush - 63mm (2 1/2")£4.99
Premium Paint Brush - 75mm (3")£7.99
Artists Paint Brush Set Flat Tipped 12pce£4.99
SupaDec Artist Brush Set 6 Piece£2.49
Supadec Artists Paint Brush Set Round 12pce£4.99
Artists Paint Brush Set Mixed Tips 12pce£4.99
Artists Paint Brush Set Pointed Tipped 12pce£4.99
Artists Paint Brush Set Round Tipped 12pce£4.99
Cage Roller Frame 230mm£3.49
Comfort Dust Mask - 3pk£1.00
Decorators Scissors 300mm£4.99
Dust Sheet (Premium Coated)£17.99
Extension Pole 1.6 - 3m£10.99
Hammerite Smooth Paint Black 250ml£10.99
Hammerite Smooth Paint Black 2.5 Litre£55.99
Hammerite Smooth Paint Black 750ml£26.99
Hammerite Smooth Paint Dark Green 250ml£10.99
Hammerite Smooth Paint Red 250ml£10.99
Hammerite Smooth Paint Silver 250ml£10.99
Hammerite Smooth Paint White 250ml£10.99
Hammerite Smooth Yellow Paint 250ml£10.99
Hammerite Spray Paint 400ml - Black£13.99
Hammerite Spray Paint 400ml - White£13.99
Heavy Duty Scraper (100mm Blade)£6.99
Masking Tape (Low Tack) 25mm x 50m£2.49
Masking Tape (Low Tack) 50mm x 50m£4.99
Masking Tape 25mm x 50m£1.99
Masking Tape 38mm x 50m£3.99
Masking Tape 50mm x 50m£2.99
Masking Tape 75mm x 50m£4.99
Mini Roller and Tray Set 100mm£4.99
Mini Roller Frame for 100mm Mini Roller Sleeves (600mm long handle)£1.99
Mini Roller Sleeves 100mm (Emulsion)£5.49
Mini Roller Sleeves 100mm (Gloss)£4.49
Paint Shield 450mm£2.49
Paint Tray 230mm£3.49
Pro-Cote Grey Primer - 500ml£7.99
Rust-oleum Grey Spray Primer Matt - 400ml£7.99
Pro-Cote Red Primer - 500ml£6.99
Pro-Cote White Primer - 500ml£6.99
Reach Brush 38mm Width£1.99
Respirator Fold Flat Valved FFP2 NR - Single Mask£3.99
Respirator Moulded Valved FFP3 NR - Box 10£41.99
Roller Sleeve (Medium Pile) 230mm£2.69
Roller Sleeve (Medium Pile) 300mm£2.99
Roller Tray and Set 230mm£9.99
Scissors (216mm)£2.99
Scissors Set 5 pce£10.49
Scraper 100mm£7.99
Scraper 25mm£5.99
Scraper 50mm£5.99
Scraper 75mm£6.49
Scraper Blade 102mm 10pk£2.99
Stockinette Roll 4.5m 400g£6.49
Stockinette Roll 9m 800g£9.99
Black Spray Paint (Gloss) 400ml£5.99
Black Spray Paint (Flat) - 400ml£5.99
Gold Spray Paint - 400ml£5.99
Blue Spray Paint - 400ml£5.99
Silver Spray Paint - 400ml£5.99
Red Spray Paint - 400ml£5.99
White (Gloss) Spray Paint - 400ml£5.99
White (Matt) Spray Paint - 400ml£5.99
Green Spray Paint - 400ml£5.99
Orange Spray Paint - 400ml£5.99
Yellow Spray Paint - 400ml£5.99
Upside Down Marking Paint (White) - Plastikote 750ml£6.99
Upside Down Marking Paint (Yellow) - Plastikote 750ml£6.99
ZG-90 Black Satin Finish Anti-Rust Paint with Zinc 500ml (RAL 9005)£9.99
ZG-90 Cold Zinc Galvanising Paint 500ml£9.99