05 - Building & Plumbing Supplies

ImageNamePriceBulk DiscountBuy
3-in-1 Detector£21.99
4-Way Utilities Key 70mm£2.99
Aluminium Scale Tri Rule - 300mm£3.99
Assorted Plastic Packers£9.99
Assorted Tap Washers Pack 140 pce£25.49
Basin Wrench£5.99
Blast Wastepipe Unblocker£4.99
Blow-Out Pump 300mm£6.99
Boiler and Flue Brush Set 3pce£8.99
Chemical Resin Tool£19.99
Chisel & Point Bar 1500mm x 30mm£29.99
Compression Olives - 10mm (Pack of 10)£2.99
Compression Olives - 15mm (Pack of 5)£2.99
Compression Olives - 22mm (Pack of 3)£2.49
Deburring Tool 140mm£4.99
Diamond Boot Multi-Tool Blade 59mm£6.99
Drain Rod Set 12pce£34.99
Ever Build Foam Cleaner 500ml£7.99
Everbuild Roof and Gutter Sealant 300ml£4.99
Expert Deburring Tool 145mm£6.99
Flexible Rule - 200mm£1.99
Gripfill - Green 350ml£4.29
Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks 560 x 660mm 10pk£5.99
Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks 900 x 600mm 5pk£5.49
Immersion Heater Box Wrench 86mm£7.99
Immersion Heater Spanner 86mm (Cranked)£3.99
Metal Chalk Line 30m£6.99
Mini Level 2-Way£1.99
Mini Pipe Bender 6-10mm£12.99
Mini Tube Cutter 3-22mm£4.99
Mixing Paddle 100 x 600mm£5.99
Mixing Paddle Heavy Duty 140 x 600mm£11.99
Monobloc Back Nut Tap Spanner 3pce 9/11mm & 12/13mm£4.99
Pipe Cleaner and Deburrer 15 & 22mm£4.49
Pipe Deburring Brush 28mm£2.99
Pocket Level Magnetic£2.49
Polyester Resin with 1 Mixer Nozzle 300ml (Styrene Free)£9.99
Polyester Resin with 1 Mixer Nozzle 410ml£9.99
Post Level£3.99
PTFE Gas Thread Seal Tape (Yellow) 12mm x 5m x 1 Roll£1.20
PTFE Tape 12mm x 12m£0.90
PTFE Tape 19mm x 12m£1.20
Quick Adjust Pipe Cutter 6-50mm£18.99
Quick Cut Pipe Cutter 15mm£7.99
Quick Cut Pipe Cutter 22mm£10.99
Quick Cut Pipe Cutter 28mm£11.99
Radiator Bleed Key£0.99
Radiator Hex Key 135mm£2.99
Replacement Mixer Nozzle for Polyester Resin Cartridge£1.99
Rubber Cistern Washers - (Pack of 5)£1.99
Rubber Shower Hose Washers - (Pack of 5)£1.99
Rubber Tap Washers - 1/2" (Pack of 5)£3.99
Rubber Tap Washers - 3/4" (Pack of 5)£3.99
Rubber Tap Washers - 3/8" (Pack of 5)£1.99
Rubber Washing Machine Hose Washers - (Pack of 5)£2.49
Samson Crowbar 600mm£12.99
Samson Crowbar 750mm£14.99
Scaffolders Level 250mm£8.99
Sealant and Caulk Remover and Smoother Set 2pce£3.49
Silicone Sealant (Bath & Kitchen)£4.99
Silicone Sealant (Black)£4.99
Silicone Sealant (Brown)£4.99
Silicone Sealant (Clear)£4.99
Silicone Sealant (Grey)£4.99
Silicone Sealant (White)£4.99
Sink Plunger 140 x 24mm£3.99
Slim Jaw Waterpump Pliers Length 250mm Jaw 40mm£5.99
Slim Jaw Waterpump Pliers Length 300mm Jaw 50mm£9.99
Spirit Level - 450mm£8.99
Spirit Level - 600mm£9.99
Spirit Level - 900mm£10.99
Spirit Level - 1000mm£12.99
Spirit Level - 1200mm£13.99
Spirit Level - 1800mm£22.99
Steel Profile Gauge 150mm£5.99
Steel Rule - 150mm (6")£1.49
Steel Rule - 300mm (12")£2.99
Steel Rule - 600mm (24")£6.99
Steel Rule - 900mm (36")£11.99
Tape Measure (Chunky) (5m x 25mm)£4.99
Tape Measure (Hi-Vis) (5m x 19mm)£2.99
Tape Measure (Hi-Vis) (8m x 25mm)£7.49
Tape Measure (Super Heavy Duty) (7.5m x 25mm)£8.49
TCT Tile Saw Blade - 150mm£1.99
TCT Tile Saw Blade - 300mm£2.99
Tube Cutter 3-30mm£10.49
Universal Pipe Reamer 6-40mm£4.99
Waterpump Pliers 250mm£6.99
Waterpump Pliers 300mm£10.99
Waterpump Pliers Length 400mm - Jaw 110mm£18.99
Wide Jaw Plumbing Pliers£7.99
Wrecking Bar - 300mm£3.99
Wrecking Bar - 450mm£8.99
Wrecking Bar - 600mm£9.99
Wrecking Bar - 760mm£10.99
Wrecking Bar - 900mm£11.99
Combination Square 300mm£6.99
Diamond-Tipped Glass Cutter 175mm 2 - 8mm£3.99
Everbuild Stixall White 290ml£9.99
Everbuild Stixall Crystal Clear 290ml£10.99
Expanding Foam 750ml Gun Grade£9.99
Expanding Foam 750ml Hand Held B3 Rated£9.99
Rapid Steel Epoxy 20g£2.99
Expanding Foam Hand Held 500ml£6.99