10 - Gardening Supplies

ImageNamePriceBulk DiscountBuy
2-Stroke Fuel Mixing Bottle£6.99
3-Way Connector Brass 1/2" Male£5.50
ALM Trimmer Line - Green 2.0mm x 20m (SL003)£5.99
ALM Trimmer Line - Grey 1.5mm x 25m (SL009)£5.99
ALM Trimmer Line - Red 3.0mm x 15m (SL018)£5.99
ALM Trimmer Line - Yellow 2.4mm x 20m (SL004)£6.99
Fencing Pliers 270mm£9.99
Fittings Set Brass 4pce£12.99
Galvanised Garden Wire - 10 metre x 2mm (approx)£2.99
Galvanised Garden Wire - 15 metre x 1.6mm (approx)£2.99
Galvanised Garden Wire - 20 metre x 1.2mm (approx)£2.99
Garden & Tent Pegs (Heavy Duty) - Pack of 5£9.99
Garden & Tent Pegs (Length 14.5cm, Width 5cm) - Pack of 10£3.99
Garden Fabric Staples - Pack of 20£5.99
Garden Marker Pen£2.49
Garden Tie Wire 30m£1.99
Garden Twisty Ties 2.5mm x 8m£1.99
Garden Twisty Ties 4.8mm x 5m£2.99
Gate Hook to Drive
Gate Hook to Weld with Straight End - 12mm Pin - Self Colour Steel
Ground Hooks - Pack of 20£2.99
Ground Hooks (Length 14.5cm, Width 5cm) - Pack of 20£5.99
Hanging Basket Chain 14"/35cm£3.99
Hanging Basket Chain 18"/46cm£4.99
Hanging Basket Chain 21"/55cm£6.99
Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks 560 x 660mm 10pk£5.99
Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks 900 x 600mm 5pk£5.49
Hose Connection Set 1/2" Female£3.99
Oasis Bullion Wire - Silver£3.99
Oasis Floral Aluminium Wire Silver 100g. 11.5m x 2mm£4.99
Plastic Coated Garden Wire - 5 metre x 3mm (approx)£2.99
Pressure Sprayer 5 Ltr£18.99
Quick Connector Brass 1/2" Female£4.29
Round Mixer Tap Connector£3.99
Soft Grip Hose Quick Connector£2.99
Soft-Grip Tap Connector 1/2" - 3/4" Male£1.49
Soft-Grip Water Stop Hose Quick Connector (1/2" Female)£2.99
Solid brass 1/2" quick connect male to 3/4" BSP.£2.49
Spray Gun 3/4" BSP Male£6.99
Spray Nozzle Brass - 1/2" Male£6.49
Sprayer 500ml£2.99
Tap Connector Brass£3.49
Tarpaulin 2.4 x 1.8m£3.99
Tarpaulin 2.4 x 3m£6.99
Tarpaulin 3 x 3.6m£8.99
Tarpaulin 3.6 x 4.8m£15.99
Tarpaulin 3.6 x 6.1m£19.99
Tarpaulin 4.8 x 6.1m£23.99
Tarpaulin Ball Bungees 10pk£2.99
Tarpaulin Clips 4pk£2.99
Tool Clip - 1 1/2" or 40mm Price each£0.60
Tool Clip - 1 1/4" or 30mm Price each£0.50
Tool Clip - 1" or 25mm Price each£0.40
Tool Clip - 1/2" or 12mm Price each£0.20
Tool Clip - 2" or 50mm Price each£0.75
Tool Clip - 3/4" or 20mm Price each£0.30
Tool Clip - 3/8" or 10mm Price each£0.16
Tool Clip - 5/8" or 16mm Price each£0.25
Traditional Garden Dibber 270mm£2.49
Universal Mixer Tap Connector£4.99
Aluminium Lap Strips 50pce (SGS345)£3.99
Ambassador Glazing Clips 25pce (SGS325)£4.99
Cropped Head Bolts and Nuts (Greenhouse Bolts) 20pce (SGS335)£4.99
Galvanised Plant Rings£2.49
Garden Plant Ring Set 50pce£1.99
Hammer In Vine Eyes 6pce (SGS80)£1.99
Plant Markers 150mm 16pce£2.49
Quick Connector Auto Stop Brass 1/2" Female£4.99
Square Head Bolts and Nuts (Greenhouse Bolts) 20pce (SGS340)£4.99
Super Alliplugs 50pce (SGS295)£3.99
Z Clips 25pce (SGS330)£4.99